With the collection and patient payments topping the revenue health of a practice, we at Rely On Us always seek innovative methods to improve and enhance performance without making a costly investment.

The disconnection between the departments in the practice toggles between the systems to gather the information they need. There may be numerous limitations for a practice which prevents the growth. We at Rely On Us find the most appropriate compliant solutions to improve the overall financial health of the practice.

We provide the following solutions:


  • Minimize system performance issues.

  • Denials and prior authorization.

  • Timely submissions especially Workmen compensation and Medicaid plans.

  • Real-time eligibility verification.

  • Mentoring solutions to your practice officials to improve the employee engagement.

  • Solutions to stratify the patient's collections.

When it comes to collections, we stratify accounts with our innovative tactics by categorizing claim age, insurance, and the payer.

Denial Management

We at Rely On Us believe denial management should commence prior to treatment. No patient with Insurance wants to be surprised by paying for a procedure which is not covered. We educate the practice staff well in advance about the non-coverage and also allow time to work with the patient.

Prior Authorization

With the effective system in place and also with the knowledge about the coverage, we support practices to be more efficient in revenue optimization. We educate our physicians and staff on the Prior authorization process and requirements proactively.


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