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  • Compliant Coding with minimization of medical necessity denials.

  • Billing with accurate fees to the insurances.

  • 100% HIPAA compliant operations and processes

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  • Accelerated reimbursements

  • Increase your revenue by 5-15% of your collections

  • 15-20% of increase in your net revenue.

  • Reduced overhead and increased profitability

  • AR of below 30%

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Our Highlights

Stalwart Leadership: Radiology is a specialty with intricate guidelines requiring a team of robust experience and knowledge to handle the process. The success of any process depends upon the team we create and Rely on us has such a promising team who would inevitably bring a phenomenal change in your business revenue in-flow and we have proven records that set standards for our credibility.


Transition Strategy: We have live examples with our existing clients where we had come up with exclusive strategies for a smooth transition from onshore.

Consistency: With the dynamism the radiology business runs with, we are capable with a stable team with low or no attrition ensuring we maintain the consistency in our deliverable's.

Sustainability: Sustainability is not part of our work- It’s a guidance influence for all our work. Rely on us has a dedicated team who are trustworthy and experienced to handle huge volumes of your practice with quality outputs.


Unlike any other specialty, Radiology is a massive specialty in regards to the volume of studies they encounter and huge revenue that is generated. It is further classified to diagnostic and interventional radiology.Multiple medical practices require assistance from the radiology department for further analysis of the disease by ordering ultrasound, PET, Duplex scans, X-rays, etc. Due to this, huge volumes are stagnated creating a backlog which would take quite some time to clear.

Considering the fact that the number of reports are high, the radiologist tend to keep their interpretation simple and short while the report looks complicated to the coders since they cannot make any assumptions but need to code appropriately. The coders require high level precision and focus to code the radiology reports.


Apart from handling the bulk, radiologists are also taxed with many other responsibilities like dynamic regulatory requirements, quality performance measures,….. etc. Rely on us can help you by handling the tedious job of managing the complete revenue cycle management of radiology practices with an expert team of vast experience.

Challenges In Radiology Coding

Crisis management: It is very crucial for radiology practices to stay up to date with their billing of the claims. Delay in claim submissions will have an overall impact on the business. This will be a never-ending issue for practices with inadequate staffing requirements which would inevitably delay the reimbursements losing money on the table due to timely filing.

Correct usage of modifiers: Use of multiple modifiers on a single claim is a daunting task for the coders. Knowledge of modifiers such as 76, 77, XE, XP, XS and XU are very essential to avoid denials due to bundling. It is equally important for the coders to have a vivid knowledge on the usage of 26 and TC modifiers to differentiate between those who own the equipment and who is interpreting the report.

Laterality Modifier specifications: Laterality modifier (50) is playing a major role in rejections due to the payer specifications. Some Medicaid integrity contractors and few other commercial insurance payers generally may not acknowledge modifier 50 and the coder would have to be aware of replacing the same with RT and LT modifiers while few other payers do not acknowledge the laterality modifiers at all. Also, biller must be cognizant of doubling the fee while appending modifier 50.

Coding From Procedure Headers: Many a times, the coders tend to abstract the information for coding from the procedure headers. It is very essential that the coders match the procedure headers with the actual procedure note that is documented in detail. Avoiding the detailed description and coding only from the headers is not advisable, as we can always see a lot of information regarding the correct usage of the modifiers, bundled procedures etc in the detailed description.

Billing for diagnostic nuclear medicine: The staff must be well aware with the billing guidelines of diagnostic nuclear medicine services. Radiopharmaceuticals are billable services that are used for performing nuclear medicine scans while many practices miss to bill.


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