Practice Management

Rely On Us comes with unique services for cost management and enhance patient's experience through intuitive workflows complying with regulatory standards.

Our three step strategy enables practices to reap better performance consistently..

First Step: We first focus on the critical elements of the Physician Practice management:

  •  Effective Leadership

  •  Improve the organization model

  •  Amalgamated practice management systems

  •  Develop standardized process with checks and balances ensuring transparency

  •  Relevant Coding and Compliance model

Second Step: In the second phase, we design and implement data capturing system to capture the following metrics and support the practice to continually improve and strengthen the following CORE METRICS

  • Denial Percentage

  • Actual collections vs To be collected

  • Practice Net Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R)

  • Operating Margin Ratio

  • Percentage of Patient Schedule Occupied

  • Cash Collection Percentage

  • Point-of-Service Collection Rate

  • Total Charge Lag Days


Third Step: Finally, we support the practice to enhance its employee's engagement which would result in improved business results, effective and efficient management of the practice


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