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Our Highlights


Proactive Prior authorization: Our team can help provider get prior authorizations approved by the payers by proactively advising our clients on medical necessity, frequency limitations, medically unlikely edits, bundled procedures, etc which strengthens the documentation thereby minimizing time in receiving prior authorization.


Stalwart Leadership: Pain management is a specialty with intricate guidelines requiring a team of robust experience and knowledge to handle the process. The success of any process depends upon the team we create and Rely on us has such a promising team who would inevitably bring a phenomenal change in your business revenue in-flow and we have proven records that set standards for our credibility.

Transition Strategy: We have live examples with our existing clients where we had come up with exclusive strategies for a smooth transition from onshore.

Consistency: With the dynamism pain management practice runs with, we are capable with a stable team with low or no attrition ensuring we maintain the consistency in our deliverable's.


Sustainability: Sustainability is not part of our work- It’s a guidance influence for all our work. Rely on us has a dedicated team who are trustworthy and experienced to handle huge volumes of your practice with quality outputs.


Podiatry Billing Services


“Happy Feet” mean a lot to everyone. Podiatrists provide preventive care, diagnoses and treatment of the legs, ankle and feet. Today, Podiatrists not only manage the preventive care, they are also considered to be one of the key professionals for wound management. Numerous contributions by the podiatrists have given rise to the emerging specialty of wound management.


Podiatrist role often requires communication with other providers including specialist in infectious disease, internal medicine, geriatrics, vascular surgery, Neurology, Endocrinology and much more. Besides having a busy schedule on providing patient care, processing the claims and submitting to the insurance companies, collecting the revenue that you deserve for the service rendered is a very difficult process.


Rely On Us Healthcare services provide effective solutions managing the revenue cycle management which helps you focus more on the patient care and minimize your attention towards the revenue cycle management.


Challenges in Podiatry Revenue Cycle Management


Prior Authorizations: With an increasing trend of denials related to prior authorizations, it is very essential for the practice to gear up on certain processes in getting the claim authorized.Although, insurance companies authorize, it’s a lengthy administrative task or recurring paperwork, making multiple calls, and bureaucratic battles that can delay patient care. Rely On Us experts can guide the practices in identifying specific services like bunionectomies, amputation etc which requires authorizations and maximize prompt reimbursement of the services from the insurance companies.


Routine Foot Care Billing: The routine foot care billing requires payor specific knowledge, usage of correct modifiers and also the knowledge about the frequency limitations of the services rendered. This is one of the areas where majority of the podiatry practices leave a lot of money on the table. Medicare does not allow payments for routine foot care for healthy patients but on the other hand, Medicare does cover routine foot care services rendered for patients with diabetes, arteriosclerosis of the extremity arteries and sensory neuropathies. Medicaid also does not cover for the routine foot care services unless the patient has secondary systemic conditions and is under the active care of the PCP. Rely On Us Healthcare Services experts comes with myriad of exposure to different payor guidelines and can help Podiatric practices recover the lost revenue on the routine foot care billing.


Documentation Requirements: Podiatry has been and one of the specialties which continues to be a highly audited specialty as it generates an annual revenue of $800 million in collected revenues. Accurate reporting of the services is always substantiated by good documentation. Systemic conditions such as diabetes, Peripheral arterial disease etc require proper documentation in the patient chart. Documentation of the signs and symptoms exhibited by the patient due to these systemic conditions allows accurate reporting of the Class findings with the appropriate Q Modifiers.


LCD Guidelines: With ever changing guidelines in CPT, LCDs and fee schedules, it is very crucial for the coders and billers to have an in-depth knowledge and stay up to date on the payor guidelines.


DME Documentation: DME billing is always a nightmare. General documentation requirements such as Written Order prior to delivery”, Certificate of Medical necessity, and accurate reporting of modifiers can reduce a lot of denials and ensure timely reimbursement of the services. The use of CAM (Controlled Ankle Motion) walkers are not covered and recommended for ulcer management. The CAM walkers are often targeted for audits. The patient may have another condition which necessitated the use of CAM walkers but if ultimately the CAM walkers are used to offload the ulcers, then they are not covered.


These are just a few challenges that every podiatric practices face on a day to day basis. Podiatrist lose around 10-20% of the revenue every year on insurance underpayments and also on patient billing. Rely On Us expert professionals have adequate experience working with podiatric practices among multiple states and can support your practice with efficient tools and strategies that can maximize the revenue through our compliant solutions.


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