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Whether you are practicing as a private practice or as a group, serving your patients and having time to handle all your administrative tasks for Mental Health Billing is difficult.

Mental health professionals billing is different from other medical professional practices. The providers would have to be more flexible and corroborative as they would have to render the services along with many medical doctors. This makes the revenue cycle management even more complex.


For a fact, many practices in mental health collect less than 80% of the insurance collections. As much of the practices run on much thinner financial margins, the financial burden is often seen on the counselor or the mental health practitioner. But fortunately, mental health practices can do far better than 80% of the insurance collections.


Rely On Us Healthcare services is capable with experienced professionals seasoned with extensive knowledge of payer guidelines and coverage policies that can help maximize your collections from 97-99%.

Payer Specific Knowledge: Certain insurance companies pay very less while few others pay quite well. Insurances like BCBS, Cigna, Aetna and United health group pay the best. By and large, Medicaid and Medicare pay less than the commercials.  Payer specific knowledge will help you determine the correct patient mix of your practice.

Prior authorization for sessions: Most of the insurance does not require prior authorization for office visits and therapy session. But it is always a best practice to check with the insurances for prior authorization requirements. For example, Psychological testing always requires a prior authorization and once obtained, most of the insurances like BCBS cover for 12 visits. After the exhaustion of 12 visits, the therapist would have to again avail a prior authorization for the next 12. Tracking the date/time, frequency of the service rendered will help in avoiding denials due to prior authorization.

Medicaid billing: Medicaid is the single largest payer of the mental health. Mental health billers would need to have extensive knowledge while billing for the Medicaid insurance as the guidelines differ in every state. Coders and billers must be aware of the correct set of CPT/HCPCS codes that are required to be used and also the appropriate modifiers indicating the specific qualification of the counsellors and the therapist. Staff members ignorant about the payer specifications assuming billing responsibilities will definitely result in much more chaos and an increase in the AR days of the practice.

Wide range of Services: There are a variety of services that a mental health provider may deliver in different settings like screening and treatment of mental health problems, coordination and case management, consultation with other providers, use of telemedicine services, education and patient awareness programs for stress management and much more. The staff must be highly knowledgeable to understand the intricacies of billing when it comes to each service.

Compliance knowledge reduce the denial rate: The landscape of mental health billing and substance abuse billing is changing very rapidly. Compliance knowledge is very essential for the staff working on the mental health billing and substance abuse billing. Experience of the staff also helps in understanding how the insurances respond to variety of claims.

Rely On Us Healthcare services have experienced coders and billers on board who can capture the exact procedure and diagnoses codes. Our services are highly scalable and proficient. Apart from the normal routine, we also provide numerous value added services and solutions to increase your practice efficiency.

Our Highlights

We have experience working with multiple EHR platforms and understanding your EHR and the existing practice management system can never be a concern. Our experts and customized solutions can help practices to find a better platform if required.


We are very particular in defining the processes and operations from the transition phase to the implementation and assign dedicated workforce who are adept in pioneering and streamlining the process.

We proactively analyze the denials and take necessary measures to ensure that the denial rate is constantly reducing and thereby maximizing the revenue flow for a practice. Our proven analytics fetches information on data patterns and improvement strategies for a practice.

Communication and transparency from the start of the project is our strength which makes us standalone from our peers.


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