What services do you offer?

Rely On Us provides solutions for clients which are specially tailored to the requirements of the practice. We provide end to end services specializing in coding, submission of claims, denial management, eligibility verification, transcription and more.


What specialties you presently handle?

At Rely On Us, we handle multiple options for our clients. Every year, over a million transactions are done. Major specialties we handle include, Cardiovascular, Emergency Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Gastroenterology, Behavioral medicine, Durable Medical Equipment’s, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Evaluation & Management etc.


What is your mode of communication?

When it comes to communication, we strive to ensure proactive communication by sending daily correspondences through emails, phone calls, or based on customer needs. We keep our customers with status updates, what has been paid or denied. All our customers will have a dedicated account manager who will be a Single Point of Contact.


What is your response time for client emails?

All customer emails will be responded within 24 hours of time during business days.


How does our partnership get more profitable?

We will do a complete analysis of the financial, operational or clinical aspect of the practice before we partner with you. A brief presentation would be presented identifying SWOT analysis of your practice with recommendation to maximize the efficiency and profitability.


Who will be the point of contact if patients call and have question about their statement?

All your patient bill related queries will be addressed by our executive.


How about your contract terms?

Our contract terms are flexible and we also offers temporary contracts.


Do we get assistance in coding?

Whether we serve for Coding or Billing only projects, we have a team of certified professional coders who review charts to ensure that the claims are coded appropriately prior to claim submissions. Claims are also verified at the appropriate level for the services rendered. Feedback to the physicians regarding any necessary documentation improvements is also provided.


What are the timing for receiving reports?

Detailed reports are provided for each practice at scheduled intervals and based on customer requirements. The reports are made in such a way that they not only provide the information the way you want to see it but whenever and however you want to see it.


Do you handle Denial Management?

For our end to end customer requirements, we follow up on all denials and manage it regardless of the amounts paid. In addition, we also accept and support practices to clear their denial backlogs.


Who will notify us regarding the series of denied claims?

The account manager will be your primary contact point. We are always in the process of monitoring payment trends both with individual payers, and with your practice. In case of an issue or area where improvement is possible, our representative will contact you.


How about the review of our charts?

We review each and every chart to verify and see if the charges have been coded correctly before submitting the claim.


How do you track underpayments?

We run periodic reports to make sure that you are being reimbursed as per your contract with each payer


How about security of my data?

As a quality conscious organization, we are much experienced in the data security management systems and processes. We get audited by third party certifying agents at regular intervals. We use Amazon Web Services platform to ensure high level data security.

What type of monthly reports do I get?

We generate a set of standard monthly reports such as net collections report, aging report, service analysis report per physician per location etc. However, we also generate customized reports upon our customer needs.


Do I get feedback on reimbursement trends?

Other than monthly reports, regular compliance audits are conducted on service documentation, and carrier specific guidelines. A feedback is provided on areas which require improvement for better reimbursement.