HIPAA And Security Standards

Adhering to the HIPAA standards is an effective way of knowing the credibility of our business and expertise. HIPAA compliance is of paramount importance at Rely On Us Healthcare Services Inc.

Data Security

We have adopted the HIPAA version 5010. All our healthcare transactions conform to the standards of Version 5010. HIPAA ASC X12 version 5010 of ICD 10 CM codes and ICD 10 PCS codes, our transitions were seamless. All our staffs are trained for 100% compliant in adopting and implementation of electronic transactions.

Security Standards

We have consciously implemented security standards to ensure safety standards by physical and technical safeguards. Our security standards are monitored by our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). We maintain high conformance to security standards by allowing only authorized workforce to enter in our workspace using our biometric fingerprint system. The production environment is monitored round the clock with CCTVs.

Workforce Training & Continuing Education

There is always an ongoing need of the workforce to confirm and comply with the HIPAA standards. HIPAA compliance for our organization evolves in protecting the privacy and security of the health information (PHI). We conduct a periodic awareness training program for HIPAA to all our employees so that they are aware of their responsibilities and support the organization to comply with the standards of HIPAA.


Compliance at Rely On Us Healthcare Inc is embedded in the culture of the organization. Our compliance department is headed by Chief Compliance officer who works closely with all our clients and the people of our organization to implement policies, procedures and controls in place. We believe that compliance is directly proportional to the Quality of the services that an organization delivers.

People, Process & Ethics

People & Compliance

Numerous factors affect the capability to provide quality services. But the most powerful key to achieve quality services is only through improving employee engagement. People at Rely On Us can create the most profound improvements in delivering quality services. Our workforce is lead by highly skilled and industry experts who have worked with multinational companies around the world. As mandated by HIPAA, we have periodic audits and reviews on our business associate agreements, contracts and all operating procedures which involve protected health information to ensure compliance.

Process & Compliance

We at Rely On Us believe in People, Process and Ethics. We have adopted a multidisciplinary approach towards building a balance between the regulatory, financial and operational excellence. Our compliance program helps our customers to minimize the risks and inculcate a culture of revenue optimization.

Ethics & Compliance

When it comes to Coding, Billing or Accounts Receivables, we follow ethical practices. Our coders are dual certified and always conform to the standards of AAPC and AHIMA code ethics. We ensure that coding and the billing accuracy is greater than 97% and is not just based on payment of the codes. We have engineered our operational processes very carefully to follow and prevent security and privacy disasters which give maximum assurance to our customers on the compliance front.