Advisory Services

At Rely On Us, our experts have a good and comprehensive understanding of the entire spectrum of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services. We truly believe that there is an on-going need of engaging and empowering the healthcare professionals to embrace the new reforms and technology. Our consultants are committed to support practices evolve and adapt new technology and reforms.


When it comes to physician practices and hospitals for their strategic and operational challenges, we are always ready for the support required. Our consulting team, have worked with leading healthcare organizations, deliver exceptional strategies for the improvement of patient care.

Our consulting services include:

  •  Healthcare Coaching Partnership

  •  Process Mapping

  •  Revenue Cycle Optimization

  •  Practice Accreditations

  •  Practice Management (HR, IT, Compliance, RCM)

Healthcare Coaching


We partner with organisations with a vision to improvize employee engagement. We work along with them onsite to establish, accelerate and achieve cultural excellence. We also support organizations to scale up their effectiveness in large healthcare systems by providing coaching to the employees. When it comes to our training modules, they are tailor made to suit unique customer requirements.

Process Mapping


In a revenue cycle, process mapping lead the organizations to major improvements. For us at Rely On Us, the processes are the prime engine of our business.


Our unique strategies of process mapping enable practices with the following


  •  Identity and standardize productivity opportunities

  •  Incorporate best practices

  •  Identify root cause of the issues hampering efficiency

  •  Create work flow consistency and accountability


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