To provide excellent Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services to our clients


To generate and sustain employment for 1000 people in the next 10 years of time.


At Rely On Us, we strongly believe in the philosophy of putting people first. "PEOPLE FIRST" attitude is what drives all our processes, our culture and passion. People are our first priority. We value our people and treat them as we would like to be treated.


This also means a timely response, aiming to always have a Win-Win situation, understanding the best interest of our people and taking proactive measures to delight our stakeholders. We also recognize and value the vital contribution that people make to our organization's success.

Even in these days of advanced technology, one cannot imagine the existence of organization without people. We strive our best to engage the energies and enthusiasm of our people in the most effective way.



At Rely On Us, we believe that PROCESS is our Critical Success Factor (CSF). We strive to develop, manage and improve processes to optimize the value for our customers and other stakeholders. We clearly define process ownership's, roles, and responsibilities in developing, maintaining and improving the framework of critical processes.

Measurement is a critical element for us which drives our organization performance and we carry out timely measurements so that we can monitor, control and improve the overall performance of the processes.

We strongly believe that without the right measures one cannot manage the organization through the process. Time, cost and quality are the three dimensions which we apply to measure the organization performance ensuring a healthy balance of Quantitative and Qualitative measures.



For us, ETHICS determines the fundamental purpose of existence of our organization. We strongly believe that our organizational culture, management philosophy and ethics have a strong impact on how well our organization will perform in the long term.


Ethics is our means of deciding a course of action and we strive to organize our goals and actions through this. We also believe in the principle of beneficence, where we must do everything that can be of benefit to our customer in each of the situation.

Recommendations provided to our customers must be with the only intention to do the best to our customers. Non-maleficence or "to do no harm" is another principle of ethics that we truly believe in. We are always cautious that our customer, stakeholders and society should never be harmed.


Technology application to prevent revenue leakage

We aim to take necessary steps to leverage data in order to prevent the slippage of income through cracks and loopholes in revenue cycles, especially in an era where the doctors' payments are tied to outcomes via Medicare Access and CHIP Re-authorization Act.

Effective Communication

Inter-process owners review meetings, Monthly Customer feedback report & review meeting, Review on Crisis handling & its outcomes, Monthly employees feedback & review meeting are the few among our focused efforts over strengthening communication with all our stakeholders.

Our tireless efforts to achieve effective communication keeps us on the same page with our customers and enable us to share successes and seek feedback about challenges and areas of improvement.

Measure the performance

Galileo said, "Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so". We strive to apply this concept into the DNA of our organizational culture & in our data capture mechanism and report generation tools.

We believe that the journey towards the excellence is directly linked to the focus on measuring our performance. We work to incorporate measuring mechanism in our service delivery to our customers in all possible areas. This makes us be data-driven entity in providing recommendations to our customers & in making decisions for our organization.


Quality is an integral part of our organizational culture. Quality gives us direction to all our actions to deliver our services to our customers. We believe that Quality is essential to achieve our mission, vision, and goals.

Rely On Us is committed not to compromise on the compliance and quality of our services. This requires every one of us to be engaged, to understand their roles & responsibilities and to be empowered to take the right action at right time.


Our Quality Policy delineates the essential elements of our commitment to excellence which includes:

  • Fostering an organizational culture with the aim of providing services with zero error

  • Complying with relevant laws, statutory requirements and regulations as well as internal requirements

  • Continuously improve the quality management system to ensure error-free services through the review of quality objectives and results,

  • Encouraging engagement and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all the stakeholders, customers, employees and third parties through standards, education, training & coaching, supervision and effective communication.


Rely On Us is committed to providing the necessary leadership, management, and resources and ensure that the Quality Policy is reviewed annually and communicated to employees and third parties. We believe that Quality is first and foremost about confidence in our services. For us, Quality is also about delivering what we promise in everything we do. Each and every one of us is empowered to influence Quality and through our leadership, dedication and passion.




Jayapal Sudharssen | CEO

Jayapal Sudharssen is CEO of Rely On Us Health Care Services.Inc.

As CEO of Rely On Us, Jayapal’s focus is to inculcate the Quality systems in place that allow multi-disciplinary teams to evolve and the ecosystem that drive them to success. He believes that people, process and ethics can take the organization to new heights.

Jayapal has an exhaustive experience in Leadership, Quality practices, Strategic management, Project management and Operations. Prior to starting Rely On Us, he was heading Corporate Quality for a reputed hospital group for more than a decade. He excels in Six Sigma, Lean Management and Clinical Governance.

Jayapal holds Masters in Health Service Management from Charles Sturt University, Australia. He is also a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM) and Certified Professional in Health care Quality (CPHQ).

Gaayatri Jayapal | VP of Coding

Gaayatri is Vice President Coding of Rely On Us Health Care Services.Inc.

Gaayatri has over 15 years of experience in Coding and Auditing. She supported many organizations in RCM industry to grow from small sized companies to mid/enterprise companies. Her seamless expertise in the Coding field has supported many clients to optimize their revenues more efficiently and consistently, more so than in-house operation. Her extensive health care knowledge and prowess are great assets to Rely On Us Health care Services Inc.


Gaayatri graduated in Biochemistry. She is an AHIMA ICD 10 CM PCS Trainer and Ambassador. She is a Certified Coding Specialist for the Physician and also Facility Coding from AHIMA. She is also a Certified Professional Medical Auditor and a Documentation expert for Outpatient from AAPC. She is an active member of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) since 2011. She enjoys imparting knowledge and finding ways to simplify Coding Education and Accuracy.

Parimala T.V. | Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Parimala is the Director of Revenue Cycle Management of Rely On Us Health Care Services. Inc.

As Head of RCM, she has the responsibility for executing all operational aspects of insurance claims, denials and accounts receivables. She brings in over 15 years of experience in the Medical billing arena across multiple roles and scale of businesses.

She is profound in developing and handling outcomes of insurance claims revenue cycle operations. Applying her experience, she add value to every aspect of our business. 

Prior to joining Rely On Us Health Care Services, she served as Senior Manager Transitions for reputed Multinational RCM firms. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and an Honors Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT.

Deepa BKS | Director of Finance & Administration

As Director of Finance and Administration, Deepa is responsible for all the financial operations in Rely On Us. As an able administrator she brings a high level of efficiency to our organization. She has more than 20 years of experience working in the Administration and Quality Management. Prior to joining Rely On Us, she served as an administrator for multiple reputed health care organizations. She graduated in Administration. She is also a Certified Internal Quality Auditor.

Vinay Kumar Deshmukh | Head of Coding & Compliance

Vinay Kumar Deshmukh is the Head of Coding and Compliance of Rely On Us Health Care Services.Inc.

Vinay has over 15 years of experience in Transcription and Coding. He served as Senior Manager in many organizations in the RCM industry and has profound knowledge in Operations. His expertise in the field of Coding has helped organizations to improve their productivity and outcomes.

He specializes in creating customized coding solutions for clients ensuring the compliance. He graduated in Science. He is also a Certified Coding Specialist from AHIMA and a Certified Professional Coder from AAPC.